JIll & Luke | desert agafay & Marrakech | mars 2022 • first look

First Look Riad

Planning : Say Elo Wedding https://www.instagram.com/sayelowedding/
Wedding Venue : The Levantine, https://www.instagram.com/the_levantine_marrakech/
Wedding Venue : La Boheme Marrakech https://www.instagram.com/labohememarrakech/
Photo : Marc Bourrel Wedding https://www.instagram.com/marcb.wedding/
Vidéo : Léa Deslandes Filmea https://www.instagram.com/filmea_production/
Wedding Dresses : Maison de Couture NCV https://www.instagram.com/maison_de_couture_ncv/
Catering : The Levantine https://www.instagram.com/the_levantine_marrakech/
Wedding Design : Say Elo Wedding x Agence MDF https://www.instagram.com/sayelowedding/ x https://www.instagram.com/agence.mdf/
Flowers : Fleuriste Marrakech https://www.instagram.com/fleuriste_marrakech_officiel/
MUA : Sarah Maquille https://www.instagram.com/sarahmaquille/
Hairdresser : Arrowki Hair https://www.instagram.com/arrowkihair/
Stationery : Ideon Création https://www.instagram.com/ideon_creation/
Jewelry : Joaillerie Lassalle https://www.instagram.com/joaillerielassalle/
Shoes : Jimmy Choo https://www.instagram.com/jimmychoo/
Perfume: Guerlain https://www.instagram.com/guerlain/
Swimwear : Baigure https://www.instagram.com/baigure/
Models : https://www.instagram.com/jill_rey/ & https://www.instagram.com/lfilipos/

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