JOHANA & PAUL | Landes, France • full wedding planning  

Wedding Planner - Mariage Sud Ouest

As a wedding planner in the southwest region of France, I offer couples a comprehensive service that includes assistance and support throughout the planning process. My goal is to ensure that every detail of the wedding is taken care of so that the couple can relax and enjoy their special day.

I accompanied Johana & Paul during the eight months leading up to their wedding. During this period, I provided them with personalized recommendations, helped plan and organize appointments, and assisted them in the design and decoration of their wedding.

In the beautiful picturesque region of southwest France, there are countless possibilities for weddings. From vineyards or castles to historic buildings and gardens, I work with the couple to find the perfect location for their special day. No detail is too small, and I am committed to making every moment unforgettable.


Photos : Marc Bourrel 

Lieu : Domaine de Bouhémy

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